Our Services

We offer turn-key post-frame construction services for hassle free single source responsibility. You benefit from our long-term relationships with construction specialists, which makes us the easy choice for your pole-building needs.

Concrete Services:
Concrete work is performed by our concrete contractor who has highly experienced men and all the equipment to do the job right. Services include: 2B stone delivered and plate tamped, saw cut expansion control joints. reinforcement (Fibermesh or welded wire) aprons, sidewalks, patios, drains, curing sealer, vapor barrier, etc.

Excavating Services:
All site prep services are available. We can work together with either your excavator or our excavator to assure your site is properly prepared. We have long term relationships with experienced, professional excavators and we provide you with the right excavator for your project, based upon your site requirements. We have the ability to shoot grades by using laser levels as well as scan for underground utilities to confirm their location.

Electrical Services:
We coordinate and work with licensed. experienced electricians who offer full electrical services or will provide “rough in” services only including trenching from your existing breaker box to your new breaker box. We can review a list of questions with you to give to our electrical contractor.

Plumbing Services:
Again, we coordinate and work with licensed, experienced plumbers offering all plumbing services or simply a frost free hydrant, if desired.

Any number of options are available, including shop ceiling mounted heaters, duct work, zones, radiant flooring, etc.

Insulation Services:
All materials and services available, including radiant materials, hardboard insulation, high density batt insulation, blown-in ceilings and even spray on urethane.

Drywall Services:
Professional drywall services include hanging., tape, spackle and sanding (ready for paint).

Trim Services:
Professional trimming can be included with a variety of options.

Poured Concrete Walls, Block Walls, Brick or Stone Facing:
All of these services are also available with the same level of professional workmanship and coordinated by Garages-N-More, Inc.